Marrying a non-EU citizen 

In 2013 I got talking to a Filipina, a year later we met up in Thailand, in 2015 she moved to Malta to start work we met several times then we married. After this we started processing the spousal visa.

The main reason for this post is to share my experience of the stress we went through trying to obtain the visa.

1) 2x applications, I could have read all of the Harry Potter books and still be filling it in.

2) Fees, we had to pay £1050 for the visa, £600 for the NHS, £500 for priority (visa will be done within 7 days) if I didn’t pay this it could have took 13 weeks and being without my wife for over 3 months that wasn’t an option. We had to pay £150 for a house report. £150 for an English test (even though in Philippines their 2nd language is English) we had to pay £50 for the courier to transfer our documents. I think this is ridiculous compared to other countries proper money making scheme. I do however believe they should pay towards the NHS, like everyone should.

3) Relationship evidence, we had our lives turned inside out they wanted to see everything over 2 years of Skype history, photographs, Facebook updates, boarding tickets and accommodation.

4) finances, I couldn’t believe this one for me to be with my wife in the UK I had to earn a minimum of £18,600 so she doesn’t become a burden on the government, we should really look at our own people and get that right first, when it comes to renewal I still need to earn over this. What a fuckin joke.

5) The house report. I had to get an independent company to come round the house to make sure it wasn’t overcrowded for my wife what the fuck??? But yet we watch all these documentaries and there could be ten people in a 2 bedroom house but that’s ok. Also needed to see tenancy agreements and council taxes being paid.

6) Work evidence. They needed to see my work contract, P60’s, payslips and a letter from HR to say I work there.

My wife needed to supply the same kinda things. It was more stressful than a mortgage.

If I was a EU citizen I wouldn’t need as much evidence as they are covered by the European laws, how does this even make sense? I meet people face to face and over the phone on a daily basis how do they get in without completing the English test? The test is mandatory and it’s in listening, writing and verbal. Someone like me who is legit does it the right way but gets fucked in the ass.

Oh just to make it even better when it comes to the renewal next year my wife has to pay the NHS surcharge again but she’s also doing a full time job and paying through her job but that isn’t good enough… anyway rant over its 12.30 here and am goosed…. oh we was successful in our visa

Celebrating New Year’s Eve

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