The day to day shit!

The Morning 

My day consists of getting up 20 mins before leaving the house, I’ll jump in the shower wear some creased clothes burst some spots even though am in my 30’s  jump in the car and sit in traffic for 30 mins. Some days I go the gym and feel proud the other days I will just have a cooked breakfast and think what a fat bastard I am then sometimes I will get to work early and wonder why I do this??? The time is 9.45am, 15 mins before the start of my shift and I’m sitting there with excitement raring to go then I look down and see it……….

downloadThis is my life!!!

The Afternoon

In a callcentre the best thing about the job is the people you work with. Well, I need to get this off my chest now because I work with some fucked up people but they’re a great bunch  I would love to name and shame or give examples but I’ve been told its forbidden, Maybe I could just put colleague A ….. nah let’s not go there.

Anyway after great conversations with my customers and 100 calls later it’s lunch time this is why am so fat because I’ve already had my lunch for breakfast so it’s either off to the tuck shop, the canteen or we order in we’re all just as bad. After all the hard work after all the eating its time for a personal break, it still makes me laugh when someone said to me the best shit they’ve ever had been when they got paid double pay apparently having a shit on overtime is amazing I will never know I’m too much of a hard worker… however I do take a good Snapchat in the shitter 🙂


anyway moving on……


The finish line 

When the clock strikes 8PM were like a herd running for the lift one day I will get stuck in that lift noway it can hold all of us people will fear for their lives haha. Anyway I will get in the car pick the Mrs up she forces me to have more take away food on the way back home that’s how I’ve ended up 17.7 stone for you other strange people that is 247lbs or 0.1124002 tonne haha or 112kg, don’t worry my mum used to say I was just big boned, or the reason why they don’t have my size is because it’s a popular one, but later on in life the trolls just told me I was fat. I have issues lol.

Callcentre problems (this is just for bants and picked up from another source) 

Having to be at your desk half an hour early to load up and log in to the twelve different programs needed for your working day before you go live.

Sitting beside that one colleague who practically shouts down the phone so much so that your customer thinks that they are speaking to them.

Making empty promises to a customer on a Friday knowing that the weekend staff will pick up the flack and it will be a distant memory by Monday morning. I will never do this.

The rush of euphoria upon discovering that there is four or five seconds downtime on average between calls and cherishing the moments as if they were your last on Earth.

That sickening cheerful colleague who prides themselves on living the company’s values. lol lol lol lol you know who you are.

that insufferable favourite colleague who is always granted time off calls to help decorate the booths for a theme or charity day.

That luxurious tap on your shoulder from your manager telling you to sign out and bring your belongings with you. I am so dreading this one day.


this is my favourite meme…..







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