21 things that piss me off!!!

Don’t you hate it when things piss you off but because their so minor it’s not an issue, but a few more issues pop up and you just need to let rip,I don’t mean producing a brown cloud but a  fucking rant!!!

Here we go……

1) Going on holiday why do people need to queue up at the fuckin boarding gate 40 mins before the fuckin doors open? Chill out the plane ain’t going know where! These are the people who probably buy their manager a coffee in the morning!!

2) When we land we all hear that message “please stay in your seats and keep your seat belts on” why does everyone need to stand up then wait 20 mins for the doors to open?? Oh my god am getting wound up already lol

3) When you buy something and it’s £10.03 and you have to pay with a twenty then they will give you a £5 note back and then put the change on top like yeah that all fits in my wallet.

4) Getting stuck behind a slow walker for more than 8 seconds fuckin move.

5) Everytime I go to Morrison’s or Tesco why do I always get the shopping trolley that pulls to the left, out of 300 trolleys I get the special one.

6) Christmas time getting off the train or tram and people won’t let you off and they look at you like am the prick!!

7) This one is for my work mates … is it your or you’re 😂😂😂.

8) When you’re 6 hours and 10 mins into shift and you need a drink and the vending machine swallows your quid ffs man.

9) Being stopped on the street to give to charity or join another fuckin cult.

10) People will walk past each other and hi how are you? They always reply with “am all good” no one ever says I just wanna kill myself. Let’s just verbal nod each other lol.

11)When you’re  busting for the toilet in public and there’s a queue and when you get in the shitter is a mess, no thanks pal.

12) When you can’t find something and someone says when did you last have it?? Hmmmm.

13) Taxi drivers think they own the roads I’ve had 3 accidents and all of them involve taxi’s you’re only my friend on Saturday nights.

14) That one guy in a group chat, he’s always done one better than you.

15) This happens in Nando’s more than anywhere else the waiter/waitress coming up to ya asking the question “is your food ok?” And trying to say yeah with a bloody mouth full.

16) Going through the drive thru, get home and the KFC gravy isn’t there 😡😡😡😡

17) Offering someone a crisp and they accept 😱😱😱

18) When you’ve waited in all day for your new phone to arrive, you check the tracking page and it says “no answer we will try again tomorrow” but I was in all day you lying tit.

19)When in the shower and your other half switches the taps on downstairs yeah I love cold showers.

20) Crabs haha just jokes.

21) I’ve just put 21 in here just to piss people off who like even rounded numbers 🤗🤗🤗


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