London 2017. My review. Hints and Tips for Others Travelling to the Capital

Hey guys, most of you know I went to London last weekend I really enjoyed it, so I’ve decided to do my own review. For people in the UK already wanting to visit we used The mega bus, it cost £20 return from Sheffield and that was for 2 people bargain I think, people have this perception that the Mega Bus takes the piss and takes all day to get there. They are wrong. Driving from Sheffield to London takes 3 hours and 20 mins the mega bus takes 4 hours. But the advantages are you’re not getting stressed and driving in the Capital, paying extra charges, paying for your petrol and then when you do leave your car you need to pay for parking and in London it’s expensive. No thank you.


When we got to Victoria coach station the Victoria train station is  less than a 5 mins walk this will take you to the underground and this will be your friend for your stay in London unless you’re rich and you can afford taxi’s everywhere, getting through the barriers at the stations you can either use your Oyster card or CONTACTLESS debit or credit card. (You will get your Oyster card from the counter £5 deposit then you will top this up, for example, we topped up £20 for the weekend for zones 1 & 2 this cost £6.60 a day so Friday to Sunday £19.80, when you leave London you can hand your Oyster card back in and get your £5 deposit back). Click here for more details about Oyster.

All set to be a tourist 🙂

We traveled from Victoria to Old Street station it took around 20 mins with 1 change this is where we stayed for the weekend we used a chain hotel called Travelodge they do really good rates and there are plenty of them around London, we paid £140 for 2 nights and in London this is a good price it might have been a promo check here for their prices. We dropped our bags off headed back to Old Street station then we started being a tourist, we went straight to Covent Gardens as we had plans to watch the Lion King at the Lyceum theatre it was only a 5 min walk from the station. This was the first time experiencing the theatre and my god it will be one to remember I loved it, yet again we booked our tickets online as it works out cheaper check here for prices normally the average ticket price is around £70 each but we got 2 tickets for £100 using this site. The show started at 7.30pm and finished at 10pm. It was well worth it.

We got back to the hotel around 11 pm starving (usually the case) at this time not much was open apart from a little Indian restaurant opposite the hotel called Curry Leaf East, not many people in there at that time of night which is was good for me as London is so full on at times. I had a Chicken Korma with pilau rice and a garlic naan bread nom nom nom I’m not very adventurous lol my wife had Chicken Biryani with popadoms with a couple of drinks to top it off this would set you back around £45 which seemed this weekend was the going rate, after this it was back to the hotel I must admit the room and shower was excellent.

Woke up around 8am Saturday morning, got ready, walked to Old street station, changed at Moorgate then on to Tower Hill (nearest station to Tower Bridge), 4 stations, and 1 change took around 15 mins, soon as we got out the station you are with all the other tourists from around the world you know where the tourist attractions are because you just have to follow the herd. We spent around 2 hours walking up and down the side of the River Thames and over Tower Bridge we also had a look around the Tower of London but didn’t pay to go in.


As it’s a tourist spot there are plenty of places to eat, we had a traditional chippy meal haha in Sheffield this would set me and Regina back a tenner or for the people outside of the UK £10 😛 in London the meal was doubled but it was quite nice to be fair even more so because the weather was awesome.


Now that our stomachs are full, we set off from Tower Hill station to Westminster 7 stations away and takes around 12 mins to get there, at Westminster we visited Big Ben and London Eye yet again this was full of tourists and on a weekend it was hard to move around There is nothing much to say I think the pictures we took say it in more words.

After Big Ben and the London Eye we moved on to the British Museum. So back on the train again from Westminster to Tottenham Court Station this is a 10 min journey with one change at Embankment, the British Museum is a free entrance but you can give a donation just like my website at the top of this page HINT HINT haha, but be prepared to spend a lot of time in here you can just get carried away so much to see we spent around 2 hours here but didn’t even cover half of it.

When we finished at the British Museum we walked to Leicester Sq and ended up in M&M’s World I bloody loved it, over the road, there is also Lego store which you need to queue for because it’s that busy, I wouldn’t have thought you needed to queue for this but it is worth a visit, after 15+ miles hiking around its was now time to eat a few mins away is China Town and you are not spoiled for choice, my wife’s cousin also joined us for dinner as we was celebrating my wife’s birthday , the buffet was £13 each plus drinks for 3 of us it was £50 it wasn’t a bad price I would also recommend taking cash with you to China Town as most places don’t accept credit or debit cards.

After 9 plates of food between us, it was a case of going back to the hotel to chill and have a beer.


On Sunday we got up early AGAIN and made our way from Old Street station to Green Park Station so we can go and see the guard change at Buckingham Palace. Green Park station and Victoria station are the same distance it’s just a nicer walk getting out off at Green Park. If you do want to see the guard change I would Recommend getting up very early otherwise you don’t see nothing just like me and Regina found out….

Click here to see how big the crowd is.

I have to use YouTube for now until I upgrade my plan and then I can embed my videos on to my blog you can make this happen by donating 🙂 check the pay the paypal button.


By now time is running out before we have to go back up north to Sheffield, There was only one left thing to get…….


How much did the weekend cost?                                                     

for 2 people…..

Hotel £140

Oyster £40

Mega Bus £20

Theatre £100

Spends £300 but that includes souvenirs too. Total £600.

Any questions, send us a message.





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