Update on The Fat Stickman’s life


Alright guys, firstly I just wanna say a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to my Dad and Julie they got married a few weeks ago in Cyprus and theyΒ had aΒ party on the Wirral, UK for the peeps that couldn’t attend. I am so proud of them. Check out these pics….




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Over the last few weeks I’ve been saving up for Malta I can’t wait only 1 week left and I can celebrate my 2nd year wedding anniversary this is like the 5th time of going so there will be no excursions just relaxing, drinking and eating oh and meeting up with some sound and boring mates haha.



My wife doesn’t know this yet but she’s bought me a new watch and I get it on Wednesday check this bad boy out…… it may well be going back……. just gotta stay in her good books……


g shock

This can go with my G shock collection…..

g shock blackΒ Then we have this…….white g shock

thanks you little *******


dogsΒ The donate PayPal button is on the right hand side πŸ˜›


I voted for Labour they did me proud but still lost….. 😦



Then we had a day out in Liverpool and probs one of the best chippy meals we’ve ever had but at Β£21 I should think so…


Anyway guys, have a great week even though it is a Monday afternoon and most of us are in work… We can get through this together.


Later Peeps.





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