3 months of blogging.

Hey all, I can’t believe how quick the last 3 months have gone, the whole reason for starting this project was to challenge myself, to come out of my comfort zone, meet new people and hopefully somewhere in this fucked up world I can find one person that can relate to some of the stuff I go through on a day-to-day basis.


For some people out there these figures will look really low, but for someone who couldn’t hardly string a sentence together back in college these figures am happy with and it can only go up.

Facebook  580 followers

http://www.thefatstickman.co.uk 1600 hits

Instagram 74 followers

Twitter 142

Youtube still pending


Going forward

I really wanna focus on travelling, day-to-day stuff, eating (I love), the travelling I need money, getting money takes time, ask my wife I am hopeless of saving, but it will happen. I am still looking into video editing its winding me up I have all these videos from travelling but I can’t edit them the way I like but thank god for You Tube.

If anyone out there wants to do a blog on my website just message me. It might just be a temp thing until you get your own site or page etc just let me know.

Anyway I’m off to work, Thanks for all your support, take care.




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