USB Wired Xbox One Controller Review

Hey guys,

Glad to be back, this is a new section on my website where I will be reviewing electrical items, foods, clothes and new experiences, so let’s get started.

Last week I bought myself an Xbox One S to replace the one I broke 6 months ago (what a tool I am) what makes it worse it would have cost me £75 to get fixed but couldn’t be bothered with the waiting times so I bought a new one and then took a lot of stick from friends, family and colleagues. Ah well, shit happens.

Now that am skint after my big purchases and always falling for the crappy Black Friday deals I needed a backup controller just in case I lose my rage on Fifa and break another gamepad.

So searching on Amazon I found this little gem a USB wired Xbox One controller for £21.99 check it out here it’s so easy to set up just plug and play and the way you go even a 2 year could work this, it’s a wired USB connection so its great for PC gaming too just make sure the Windows software is 7 and above. Even though it’s not an official controller the grips on this pad is better than the original ones, The design is awesome, LED indicates are an added bonus, and delivery is quick. I haven’t had it that long so I really hope it does last long. I will let ya know in the near future.


One slight dig would be the packaging could have been a little better it didn’t seem that secure and the box looked cheap compared to the real deal.


The Fat Stickman’s review 8/10.

Keep checking back for more reviews & blogs.


Goodnight guys


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